La Molina Lanzarote


Just a short journey from the all known touristic routes, in the north-central part of the island, we can find a small rural town on the sides of the massive volcano “el monte Corona”, it’s almost frozen in time. It goes by the name of Máguez. Here there is an old mill from the beginning of the XX century, called “the fire mill”.

La Molina

Restored with much care, respecting the traditional structures, and history of the antique mill.
The fire mill was one of the first mills with a motor-powered engine instead of the traditional windmills. They were used to produce “gofio”, which was and still is a basic diet of the Canary Islands inhabitants.
The mill was called the fire mill, because its engine had to be started up with a shot of gunpowder.
In every area of the mill you can still appreciate many fine details that will take you back to the times of old from when it was an actual working mill.


he rural house within the mill is build out of a couple of zones;
The Mill: where you can still find the old engine, this area has been transformed into a big flat with a nice private garden, ideal for big families; At the first floor we have a wonderful mini-apartment called “Gofio”. With a panoramic view of the surrounding area; In the back we have two twin-apartments, named Millo and Trigo, they are 2 small apartments with a small private garden, perfect for couples. They were build out of the old barn and workshop of the mill.
The whole complex is situated in the north of the island, only 10 minutes away from the nearest beaches of Arrieta.
All customers will have access to the barbeque and the Jacuzzi area and a nice central square in the back of the mill.
The whole complex is situated in the north of the island, only 10 minutes away from the nearest beaches of Arrieta. It is one of the greenest areas on the island, together with the picturesque town of Haria, this area is called “the valley of a thousand palms”. Surround by a volcanic landscape together with the typical black fields of “picon” where the locals grow potatoes and corn. This is a perfect place to discover the island in not only peace but also bound with the wild nature and the possibility to lose one’s self on the endless walking-tracks you can find all over Lanzarote. Go down to the white sandy beaches and take a plunge in the crystal blue waters, maybe snorkel or just sit about and relax, sunbathe or people watch. Embrace many nice local foods in one of the “chiringuitos” is a must, before you head back home to the mill and enjoy the afternoon with a BBQ a large glass of delicious local wine maybe a book while just enjoying the views of Maguez. A holiday designed to enjoy the many fruits of Lanzarote with peace and tranquility guaranteed.