La Molina

“The Mill”: The main building from the original mill from 140 square meters, with a big private garden. It is equipped with a double room, bathroom, kitchen and a big saloon. It is perfect for a big family, a group of friends, and even just for a couple who likes big open spaces and like to travel back to the old days when the mill was still working. You can still find the old engine, completely fixed and cleaned up with care to the perfection.
The flat has a big private garden, with garden furniture to relax under an old fig tree. And if the relaxing in the garden is not enough, have a Bbq or get a dip in the Jacuzzi. (Where all customers have access to).


“Gofio”: a wonderful mini-apartment on the first floor with a unique wooden stairway that will guide you to an amazing balcony, equipped with an open kitchen and everything else to make you feel at home.
Sit back on the balcony, have a nice glass of one of the many local wines and enjoy the panoramic views of Maguez.
The apartment is also equipped with a double room, bathroom, and saloon with sofa bed.

Trigo e Millo

“Trigo” and “Millo”: Are 2 twin-apartments that are located in the back of the mill, in front of the Bbq and Jacuzzi zone. Both apartments are equipped with a cornered kitchen, a double-bed bedroom, bathroom and small saloon with a sofa-bed.
Both apartments where restored out of the old barn and the old workshop of the mill. They also have a little private garden where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings.
You can also rent the complete mill, perfect for a whole family or a big group of friends. So everybody is close and can all together enjoy the originality of Lanzarote.